Apr 08, 2016 09:33 AM EDT

Never Ever Do These Things At A Company Event

By R S Ali

Like all things that involve human interaction, what is and is not acceptable at a professional event can mean the difference between great networking and a low in your career. Find out from Monster the things you should not be doing at company or networking events.

Networking events can be great, great fun. You can have fun and have lighthearted conversation all the while vying for a job or making the contacts that will land you your next big gig. But watch out for these unacceptable behaviors - they aren't limited to having one too many.

1. Drift

Drifting is rarely ever a good thing, and it is definitely not a good thing at company events. Don't show up at professional events without a goal. Have an endgame, even if it is just networking or meeting someone specific.

If you yourself don't know what you are doing at this event, you could have made a useful contact without even knowing it, the experts say. 
Don't forget that you are there on a mission to collect information and ask good questions.

2. Ask for freebies

Yes, events will probably be all about giving you services (or more likely, samples of it) for free. But don't demand freebies, especially not free services.

If you're sitting next to a professional career coach who charges for his advice, don't ask him for it. It is unprofessional and cheap and just plain rude.  

Ditto for when you are talking to an accountant, lawyer or doctor etc. Don't ask them for advice about your assets or your medical condition, not unless they specifically offer you tips of their own volition.

If you really need their advice, do it the right way. Schedule an appointment during their business hours and be prepared to pay for their professional services. 

3. Take photos without asking

This should be common sense, but what with smartphones and the selfie craze, people who are not comfortable being in other people's photos have to go around being scared of being snapped. Ask for permission. The technology age does not negate the people's basic right to privacy. 

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