Mar 22, 2016 12:53 PM EDT

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Great Boss?

By R S Ali

Ever wonder if you'd make a good boss? Maybe you're looking at a promotion that involves managing a lot of people and you're wondering if you're up to the task.

If you have the following qualities, Monster thinks you would make a good boss.

1. You're understanding

Experts think you need empathy to be a good boss. You need it to get a good read on your employees, figure out whose strength is what -and whose weakness is what. A recent study actually claims that empathy, being vital to developing relationships, is key to leadership.

2. You're ready to learn

Do you take personal feedback personally, or do you try to take it in your stride, learn from it and grow? A boss, contrary to popular belief, is not a dictator. True, they have to make important decisions but listening to others is actually a far more important quality. 

3. You're smart

There's no getting around this one - you have to be sharp and you have to be able to get work done. Getting people to do your work without them resenting you is going to need talent - you're going to need the smarts to be the boss.

4. You have a good eye

The best leaders prevent the problems that happen before they happen. You need to be able to smell the discontent - and then work to fix it before it snowballs. Things that don't add up, employees that are starting to slack, and inconsistencies are all things that need to be seen, and followed up.

You have to be proactive as the boss. You cannot let things slide, because you are responsible for the results that all the people under your care bring.

5. You're there for your people.

A leader needs to do more than just get the job done right. A leader is responsible for what happens around the office, which also means that people rely on him/her when there is a problem. Are you too timid? Leaders need to take stands for the things they and their people believe in. 

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