Mar 29, 2016 01:21 PM EDT

Avoid These People At Work

By R S Ali

While it is true that your work relationships should be good enough to ask for favors when you need them, there are some characters that will only bring you and the quality of your work down. They're reckless, and they will take you down with them. Monster helps you identify them.

Avoid these people at work and keep your relations with them to a strict minimum - as less as possible without actually being rude.

1.The one who complains
 Watch out for people who whine. Don't confuse this with healthy venting: you can usually tell the difference.

This person will always find something to complain about in regards to everyone, all the time. They're never happy. They never see the glass half full, only the empty part. They are never happy.

After a while they will start making you feel like work really is a cesspool of misery and there is no hope for the world.

You start out feeling sorry for them, but they quickly get extremely annoying. They are wasting your precious time. Avoid them. Tell them you're busy and need to work

2. The one who parties like there is no tomorrow - everyday
The party animal will be fun to be around when you're having a bad day, but eventually they will end up damaging your reputation at work.

Showing up to work with a pounding headache and swollen eyes most days of the week is not good work etiquette. If you're looking for advancement opportunities, this is not the kind of reputation you want for yourself.

3.The one who gossips  

A little talk is okay, but spreading unsubstantiated rumors about good people who don't deserve it is a big no-no. Don't forget that tomorrow, you will be the person he/she will spread rumors about.

Avoid big talkers in general, and you should be safer off

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