Mar 01, 2016 09:26 AM EST

5 Embarrassing LinkedIn Mistakes To Avoid

By R S Ali

Thanks to the speed of information and the Internet, LinkedIn is now one of the foremost platforms you can use to get and give business related information, find jobs or candidates and network However, like everything else, LinkedIn has its own etiquette and ethics, and these are some of the most common faux pas that you should avoid, advises US News. 

1. Over-doing it

Do not forget that LinkedIn is a business site. Do not treat it like a dating site, and do not use it to brag. Be honest and subtle, and professional.

2. That picture with fries dangling from your nose

You might not necessarily need a professional to studio-shoot you for your profile picture, but you have to have a head shot that is professional. Don't appear immature or juvenile, it is simply not a great way to do business. 

3. Sending generic requests for connecting. 

While it is true that LinkedIn did provide default text for the connection request emails sent through its system, but the rule for being generic remains the same: do it only if you want to send the message that this connection you are trying to make is generic. Using default messages is just not the way to show your enthusiasm, and definitely not a way to get someone to do you a favor and remember you. 

4. Asking someone who doesn't know you for a job recommendation. 

This should be plain common sense. If you wouldn't ask a favor of someone in real life, don't do it over the Internet. Surely you don't want the recommendation to say that he/she knows you on LinkedIn. A recommendation like that can only be vague, fuzzy and unhelpful - or worse.

5. Filling up your description with self-appointed epithets.

Don't call yourself an 'amazing team-leader', a 'charismatic person', or 'exceptional'. People reading that will not be impressed, they will only roll their eyes. If you are charismatic and exceptional, show it, Don't tell. You know the one thing exceptional people never do? That's right, they never call themselves exceptional. 

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