Jun 01, 2016 05:01 AM EDT

Apple To Discontinue iPhone's Most-Disliked Feature?

Apple may finally discontinue iPhone's most-disliked feature. It is believed that the iPhone 7 will no longer have this option.

Tech Insider reported that the Apple iPhone 7 may no longer have a 16GB version when it gets released. According to IHS Technology analyst Kevin Wang, the base iPhone model will soon have a default 32GB of storage.
Wang posted on Chinese social media site Weibo that the new iPhone 7's RAM is 2GB with 32GB for ROM. 9to5Mac described the 16GB storage as "much-loathed." The publication also noted that the base model would be priced at $199.

"The existence of 16 GB phones in Apple's top-of-the-line product range has lasted far too long and it is due for an upgrade," 9to5Mac wrote. "Apple introduced 16 GB to the iPhone lineup in 2008 on the original iPhone and it has stuck around as the base model specification since."

Moreover, the 16GB is not enough for the consumers' needs today. With Apple's 4K video recording and Live Photos, as well as the inevitable space needed for the iOS, it's no wonder that the 16GB is the most-disliked version of the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 is believed to have the same physical features as iPhone 6 with redesigned antenna lines made less visible. Its Plus model is said to have dual camera while the regular-sized model will have an updated single camera.

Meanwhile, according to Nikkei, Apple may now take three years for full-model changes of its iPhones. This is a year longer than the current cycle.

Apparently, the move is due to the little room left for major enhancements in smartphone functions. Another factor is the slowing market.

The less frequent redesigns will definitely affect suppliers in Japan, Taiwan and China. The markets of these countries rely heavily on iPhone manufacturing.

The iPhone 7, with a release date for later this year, will most likely have major enhancements and design changes. This includes an organic electroluminescent display. It could also be equipped with a high-performance motor that can create more complex tactile vibrations on the display.

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