Dec 13, 2016 05:25 AM EST

Michigan First American State To Pass Legislation On Autonomous Vehicles

Michigan has just become the first ever state to have self driving cars on its roads and establish regulations for their usage, testing and sale approved. Michigan will be allowed to do greatly in allowing testing of the self driving vehicles without a brake pedal, steering wheel or even a human manuvering in the drivers seat.

According to Computerworld, the governor of Michigan Rick Snyder signed four bills as part of the autonomous vehicles legislative package at the Automotive Hall of Fame on friday, December 9. The legislation will allow operation of autonomous cars on the public highways of Michigan, though before only testing these vehicles where permitted.

The law also allows ride sharing companies to use any self driving cars for the services that they will cater on day to day basis. With this autonomous cars that will pass a series of tests conducted will be certified and can be sold for the general public to use as their mode of transportation one day.

According to iTech Post, companies that include in the legislation to help aid and shape the self driving vehicles safety and performance would be Google, General Motors, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler,Ford, Lyft and Uber. With this it is considered by many tech experts and analyst as a huge boost of momentum for self driving cars policy making and safety for everyone to use.

On the other hand, companies like Google and Ford have formed the autonomous car coalition for safer streets using self driving cars. The autonomous car coalition has been trying to push and convince the federal government to approve a set of regulations on the testing and manufacturing and usage of the self driving vehicles. For more details about the current news and the latest updates, feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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