Dec 16, 2016 07:05 AM EST

'Savior' News & Updates: Is The New Game 'Savior' Going To Make Cuba A Gaming Nation? [Watch]

The new game "Savior" is Cuba's first independent 2D video game. It is not certain for the game to be achieving success however, through financial support of gamers for the "Savior" game funds Joshua Pagliery's game might be a big hit. Some gamers hope that the game is released internationally.

According to News Everyday, a window of opportunity has been opened for the "Savior" game. This is through crowd-funding in other countries outside the United States. The recent death of President Fidel Castro has also opened the window indefinitely. The funds came pouring in and positive feedback from gamers states that Joshua Pagliery has a total winner in his hands.

If ever the "Savior" game was released in other countries, it is possible that other game developers follow, and this might even make Cuba a gaming nation. If Cuba ever accepted this new industry it might be able to support their economy and save it from its financial shortfalls. The mastermind of the "Savior" game Joshua Pagliery, is an artist who was so captivated by the gaming world.

He started being fond of games after game icons such as "Super Mario Brothers" and "Sword and Sorcery" began to be distributed in his country. For decades, President Fidel Castro's regime has been disapproving the western entertainment as he believes this might corrupt the citizens of Cuba particularly the youth. Some games were released during his reign but the games have been more educational rather than being recreational.

The games have been designed to teach the young people history lessons about the Cuban Revolution, and also to make a reality of President Fidel Castro's dream. Unfortunately, that was shattered by "Super Mario Brothers" and gave freedom to Joshua Pagliery's dream.

Joshua Pagliery states that "Savior" starts with a little God, who awakes from a strange dream only to find out that the world is crumbling. The little God thinks that it might be nothing more than just a collapsing videogame, and so he sets to his journey to save the world. Watch the campaign video of "Savior" below, and subscribe for more updates.

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