Dec 16, 2016 06:23 AM EST

AMD Update: First AMD VEGA-based Device Radeon Instinct M125 Released

AMD fan boys and fan girls have been waiting for this moment since it was announced that Radeon Instinct M125 will be released soon. Now, everyone can enjoy faster machine intelligence as AMD introduced Radeon Instinct M125.

VideoCardz reported that AMD launched Radeon Instinct M125 in an effort to defeat TITAN X Pascal in deep-learning operations. AMD's Radeon Instinct M125 has 12.5 teraflop in a 32-bit operations. The clock speed of the card of the VEGA-based device is still unknown, but it seems that it can really operate really fast since its teraflop is much higher than FIJI.

The suite of hardware and open-source software is well made and it seems that it has the capability of beating ITAN X Maxwell particularly during DeepBench GEMM operations. AMD's M125 speeds deep learning inference and training as it has Radeon Instinct accelerators and MIOpen open-source GPU-accelerated library.

AMD Radeon Instinct M125 running on VEGA could run at 1000 MHz but it could decelerate the speed for professional GPUs. It is not clear whether AMD plans to do resolve the issue or it will release a new product that does not have the issue. Jobs & Hire previously reported that a sneak peek of the performance of AMD's VEGA-based graphics card has been leaked by one of the attendees in the recent AMD Vega Tech conference.

AMD Radeon Instinct M125 has less chance of overheating because it is inertly cooled. AMD Radeon Instinct M125 was reportedly created to also compete with NVIDIA TESLA, which was built to only serve as an accelerator for computing.

The full limit of AMD Radeon Instinct M125 has not been explored yet but everyone who wants to try the accelerator will surely be able to compare if the new system is indeed better than its competitors. Would you consider switching your accelerator with the new AMD Radeon Instinct M125? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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