Dec 13, 2016 12:23 AM EST

Job Interview Hacks: A Guide In Answering The Most Common Interview Question "Why Should We Hire You?"

As a job seeker, you know you've worked so hard to become the most qualified applicant to get that job you've always wanted. But when it comes to that part the interviewer asks you, "Why should we hire you?" your mind suddenly becomes blank and all that self-confidence drifts away with your hopes and dreams into the ocean of misery. So how do you deal with it? Well, here are some job interview hacks on how to answer that question.

It's really a tough question to answer and according to The Interview Guys, it's a common thing most people experience. You're even wondering why they ask the"Why should I hire you?" question in the first place and in your mind you're probably thinking, "Because you're hiring?."

Well, the thing is companies are looking for the perfect candidate and according to Monster, the "Why should I hire you?" question is the make or break moment for employees to prove themselves. There are two things that job seekers need to avoid when answering this question and that is not to become cocky and whiny.

Being too arrogant and cocky is a big no for employers and they might think that you're overselling yourself. Don't be whiny also and avoid sounding too desperate for the job because no one wants to hire someone just because they feel sorry for that person.

If you want to hit that "Why should I hire you" question perfectly, you need to tailor you answer. Do your research and find out what type of qualities the company wants. Make sure that you put those qualities in your resume and highlight them when you're asked.

It is also best if you try to set yourself apart from other candidates. You can do this by telling stories about how you solved problems before and how you can solve the problems of the company you're applying for. There are a few stories that you could tell that would land you a job right away.

The last thing that you could also do is to practice because most of the time you'll be asked the "Why should I hire you?" question. Try to sound confident and modulate your tone.

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