Dec 22, 2016 06:18 AM EST

5 Branding Lessons From The World’s Famous Coffee Brand Starbucks

By Conan K.

The world renowned coffee brand Starbucks just didn’t rose up to the top of the chains with just simple magic. Tons of skills and ideas were incorporated for them to achieve that success.

Starbucks’ one vision led to the success of their brand. With more than 21,000 stores in 65 countries, Starbucks became one of the fastest-growing businesses in America. And there are no signs of them on planning to slow down.

“Value” of the Product

Bean Market stated that China’s Starbucks are priced much higher than those of other countries. Why? It’s just that Chinese people tend to adore Western products more than theirs with the thought of being cool and going with the flow of the trends. That’s why people tend to buy products because they know the value. Since China values Western products more, Starbucks made their value in China greater. The more value your product has, the higher the pay you would get.

Capture the Ideal Coffee Shop

Every person dreams of an ideal something. Be it coffee, of course, people imagine what they want to drink. Jerome Conlon, VP of Brand Planning from Starbucks said that they captured the ideal vision of a perfect coffee shop with an experiment wherein results ended similarly. The atmosphere and the coffee were made from that fact. Businesses should always put in mind what they will be perceived as to the public. There is also nothing wrong with asking help from other people.

Introduce a New Wave

Change is essential to any business. Starbucks even incorporated free Wi-Fi during 2010. Nowadays, they only introduce new waves of coffee and promos. Trends change also but people’s likings last long but still change. They also offer planners with knowing that their regular customers are busy persons. Introducing new coffee lines would then provoke people to try their business more and explore.

Go Against the Current

Starbucks has tons of competitors all over the world. This is why they covered almost all the entire areas with their coffee shop. In every mall, no Starbucks would be missed. This is done intentionally for people to recognize their business more. This is a big risk obviously, but sometimes it might be good for your business.

Incorporate Social Media

With tons of people buying Starbucks cups, taking a photo and posting it on social media like Instagram and Facebook, applying social media strategy would truly work. There would be a 90 percent chance that if you post your business online, people will see it. Starbucks also used this strategy with using Instagram to tell their brand story.

Achieve the Starbucks business dream with these steps. If you learned from this article, check out “Personal Branding” and why you should invest in it by Jobs and Hire.

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