Dec 22, 2016 10:49 AM EST

5 Latest Trends To Make Your Business Dominate 2017

By Conan K.

Planning to invest in a business this upcoming year? Five trends breakthrough the top of the top trends that will really drive your business to success. With tons of competitors in the arms race, planning out your strategy business would be the best thing to do.

Technology and variety of ideas are what make the business revolve all throughout these years. Change is inevitable as trends are. Businesses don’t just pause on growing. But what helps them overcome their career obstacles and to pace out further are the right strategy and trends to apply. With the highly competitive business world, here are the top trends to incorporate your business to success with.

Live Video Platforms

As social media is used almost by users for the whole day, business tends to put their ad in videos. Openview stated that video promotions would be the most unmistakably top trend in the coming year. With the people using YouTube more than Facebook, video is much more preferred than images. The trend to use on smartphones is short videos as what had Snapchat used in their Snapchat specs that garnered users to purchase their product.

With 360 degrees video capturing introduced and GIF’s found to be a hit for target markets, social video platforms will really help you boost your business to its highest level.

Chatbots Artificial Intelligence

After Mark Zuckerberg released his AI Jarvis assistant, people weren’t aware that Chatbots existed long before with China’s WhatsApp. Even Facebook has already been using Chatbots as much as 300,000 to answer inquiries and provide updates. Even though it is still imperfect, Chatbots prove to be useful in many ways to help developers of business to venture out by means of messaging platforms. Chatbots are said to dominate messaging apps next year stated by Venture Beat.

Online Social Shopping

Many people nowadays grow fond already of being outside and enduring long lines waiting for their turn in shopping malls. Online shopping had made things easier with just clicking, knowing the description and having a product delivered right at your doorstep. Recently, Instagram just released a feature wherein brands can be featured through tags in their photos. When users click the tagged product, its description is shown then they are redirected to the site to purchase. Shopping and buying online is an effective trend even if you ask yourselves.

Mobile Format Apps

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Uber, WhatsApp, Snapchat are the most used apps. In the generation today, mobiles are much more given time rather than desktop. So developers as much as possible create more user-friendly apps, also ones to boost their business.

Virtual Reality

This trend upgrades product experience in a way that the user can experience virtual reality right before their eyes. Paul Miller, CMO Americas, stated on CIO that “VR is making it possible for sportswear shoppers to test out gear in environments it would be used in or try on clothing in a virtual dressing room.”

Virtual Reality is also used in CD, games and video products to let users try it out before purchasing. This effectively encourages people to get interested in their products.

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