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Small Business Marketing Tips: How To Grow Your Customer Base In 2017

Effective social media marketing
Learn about you can build success in your business with utilizing social media marketing effectively.
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The size of customer base can make or break a small business. Too small and it could dissolve the business. Too big and it could make the business unmanageable if the business fails to grow with it. For small businesses, the goal is to expand the customer base, and what better way to do that than marketing?

Before embarking on a marketing spree, business owners should consider the most important aspect: their target customers. Business owners should know what kind of customers they want to support their business. Does their business suit younger people or older ones, single or married ones? Knowing the demographics of your customer base would help you narrow down your marketing options.

On choosing the marketing medium, business owners should consider which one would reach the target customers the most. Business owners can do their marketing on several or all medium, but that is not ideal for small businesses where every dollar spent is a dollar less for organic growth.

After learning about customer demographics, business owners would have to decide whether their marketing will be better done online, on TV, on paper, on the radio or other mediums. Jobs & Hire previously carried a report on how business owners can utilize social media for their marketing need.

Small Business Trends reported that for 2017, the best marketing move that small business owners can make is to ensure that their strategy is mobile-centric. In mobile friendly marketing, business owners are trying to reach their customer base through their mobiles. It can be done using mobile apps and mobile payment services. Business owners can also reach their customers via emails, blogs or other social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Another way that business owners can guarantee that his business is easily accessible for customers is to allot part of the marketing money to SEO. Business owners can choose to learn how to do SEOs or ask an SEO agency to do it for them. The end result will still be increased traffic to the business' web page.

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