Nov 06, 2016 06:00 AM EST

Star Wars: Rogue One Not To Feature Signature Opening Gets Reactions From Fans

Tides are changing, Disney's latest film Star Wars: Rogue One will not feature anymore its famous opening crawl and the fans, maybe disappointed but they don't care. In the meantime, the movie's management confirmed that it will deviate from Star Wars tradition; it will be taking a fresher approach in filmmaking.

No doubt, the film crawl will be missed by its fans. According to Star Wars News Net, a source confirmed the rumor that Star Wars: Rogue One will doing a new whole different opening act. Upon the news, the Star Wars fans bent their reaction to Twitter and they seem still enthusiastic than unhappy.

According to Screen Rant, the selling point of Star Wars: Rogue One is the blend of multiple genres from the past and the franchise's new perspective. Consequently, that is also the fans agrees to and they don't care much to the deviation.

Counting the days, these avid viewers can't help but get ecstatic. In fact, Twitter use @dhanalias posted, "Yes i get excited looking at #StarWarsRogueOne movie poster" and another, @SirRocStar  said, "So excited 2 be a part of a private screening!!! We're going to see this in Cali on Dec.16,2016 #StarWarsRogueOne @lyannak #california".

Here are the others

Of course, the post shows solid support on the film, with or without the traditional opening crawl. The new dawn of Star Wars are coming, in addition to Star Wars: Rogue One, there are two more upcoming movies to hit the big screen: Star Wars 8, Dec 15, 2017, and Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film, May 25, 2018.

At any point, critics are giving thumbs up with the recent news and the fans cares a lot what will be the storyline of the film. Further, Star Wars: Rogue One is just weeks away; the showing date is on Dec 16, 2016. So, loyal viewers can just judge from there if the standalone is a success or a flop.

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