Nov 06, 2016 06:00 AM EST

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Update: Emma Watson’s Belle Is A Feminist?

By Din Rose

Last Wednesday, the first glimpse of Emma Watson as Belle in the most awaited Disney Fairy tale movie, Beauty and the Beast 2017 is released. The beautiful princess, Emma Watson's Belle is every bit regal yet its not the only image she opts now. Actually, Watson's portrayal of the girl will be feminism based.

As she was before, Emma Watson's Belle will be taken away from her family to live with a beast which she will soon fall in love with. Though, some turnabout will be present in the story and it will be with feminist touch.

As stated by Daily Mail, the UN Women Ambassador's feminist views will be reflected in her character role. Some of the examples, her refusal to wear a corset and her inclusion of inventor back story.

Undoubtedly, the actress wants a pro-active princess role, she won't be the same princess who's a damsel in distress. In the original fairy tale, the young woman is dressed in a flowing yellow ball gown which they would retain yet without the restrictive corset.

Here's a Tweet from Disney:

 According to ET Online, the iconic gown will retain its animation look, Jacqueline Duuran, costume designer came up with the idea. The designer wants to modernize Emma's Belle to put an updated twist.

Screen Rant reports on the back story, the Disney princess will take up a new job on the Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie. To add, Belle would become an inventor, it will be the unconventional tweak.

In the original story, the father is the traveling inventor and it was one of the reasons he met Dan Stevens' Beast character.

On Entertainment Weekly, Emma said, "Well, there was never very much information or detail at the beginning of the story as to why Belle didn't fit in, other than she liked books. Also, what is she doing with her time?'"

"We created a backstory for her, which was that she had invented a kind of washing machine," he British actress added, "So that, instead of doing laundry, she could sit and use that time to read instead. So, yeah, we made Belle an inventor."

Here's a Tweet from Disney:

In addition, the new take will remove the stereotype of princess relying on men for rescuing, the story will take you to a new world of modern princesses who can be a lady yet can also be something.

In all, the enthusiastic Beauty and Beast Movie fans will be seeing a different Belle on March 17, 2017, as the film hits the big screen nationwide.

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