Apr 08, 2016 09:36 AM EDT

Your Body Language Plays A Part In Your Career

By R S Ali

Many a time, we do everything right but don't get the results, leaving us wondering what it is we did wrong. Sometimes, body language conveys important signals without us realizing it. Monster asks to watch yourself for these body language markers that you don't want to be displaying at work.

Sometimes we unconsciously make signs or gestures at work that convey our inner feelings without meaning to, and without even realizing it. Body language is an important means of communication, and getting it all wrong can be disastrous. 

Don't let these body language markers hurt your chances of advancement, and by extension, your career.

1. Are you usually wearing a blank expression?

A blank expression or poker face worn all or most of the time can make people very uncomfortable as it can make you look unfriendly. Being professional is one thing, but don't try too hard to hide everything you feel as it will only look unnatural and robot-like.

Being human and relatable is an essential part of any relationship, and work is no different. Make sure you are connecting with people on a human level. Feel free to show gratitude and relief and even a little anxiety.

2. You're making awkward or inappropriate motions

Sometimes, a really close friend is the only one who can help you out here. You could be doing something with your hand or your mouth or even your eyes that is inappropriate or offensive to someone without even meaning to.   

If you feel like you've looked into everything and this is the only thing that could be holding you back, consider asking a trusted friend to watch how you speak or interact.

3.  You are looking at your watch a lot

This action, subconscious though it may be, can make you look bored or inattentive or even condescending. Try looking subtly at a wall clock instead, or just wait it out. Looking at your watch is a noticeable action and it may be what is ticking your superiors off.  

Don't give people the ammo to assume how you feel, observe yourself and try to control these little tics.   

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